Although every case is unique, and James does not guarantee a particular outcome for any client based on past results, James has a history of successful outcomes in many of his cases. James has obtained full acquittals in six of his trials. He has multiple cases that went to trial and resulted in lesser included charged-convictions, instead of complete convictions. James also has experienced success in numerous appeals, including a published Nevada Supreme Court opinion. James has also obtained verdicts in favor of civil clients, and he has negotiated multiple cases with excellent outcomes. You can rest assured that should you select James to be your attorney, he will represent you throughout your case with effective communication, strategic use of his experience, and with a passionate effort to provide you with the best possible result for your case.

Success at Trial

     After taking approximately thirty cases to trial, James obtained multiple victories through lesser included charges, and James has earned full acquittals in six of his trials.


    The cases in which James has obtained full acquittals include:


(1) Case No. C251775:  


     COUNT  1 (Conspiracy to Commit Murder); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT  2 (Attempt Murder with use of a Deadly Weapon); NOT GUILTY:

     COUNT 3 (Attempt Murder with use of a Deadly Weapon); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 4 (Discharging Firearm out of Motor Vehicle); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 5 (Discharging Firearm at or into Structure); NOT GUILTY.


(2) Case No. C197185:


     COUNT 1 (Lewdness with a Child Under the Age 14); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 2 (Lewdness with a Child Under the Age 14); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 3 (Lewdness with a Child Under the Age 14); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 4 (Coercion);  NOT GUILTY.


(3) Case No. C196690:


     COUNT 1 (Mayhem); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 2 (Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm); NOT GUILTY.


(4) Case No. C195621:


     COUNT 1 (Grand Larceny Auto); NOT GUILTY.


(5) Case No. 205666:


     COUNT 1 (Possession of Stolen Property); NOT GUILTY.


(6) Case No. 10M42286X:


     COUNT 1 (Vehicular Manslaughter); NOT GUILTY;

     COUNT 2 (Failure to Yield the Right of Way); NOT GUILTY.

Success on Appeal

Nevada Supreme Court Case No. 47435:


     James is especially proud of his published Nevada Supreme Court opinion overturning a Murder with Use of a Deadly Weapon conviction in Hernandez v. State, 188 P.3d 1126 (2008).


Nevada Supreme Court Case No. 50830:

     First Degree Kidnapping judgment of conviction reversed and case remanded to the district court.


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