Accomplished, Experienced, and Reliable on Appeal

     James is an experienced appellate attorney that has several accomplishments on appeal, including an overturned murder conviction which is a published decision that provides precedent for the State of Nevada.  (See Hernandez v. State

, 188 P.3d 1126 (2008).


     The conclusion of an unfavorable or unjust verdict does not have to be the final conclusion to a matter. In fact, defendants are granted a right to appeal. It is essential to have an experienced, accomplished and reliable appellate attorney handling the case. It is vital to ensure that a defendant's rights were properly protected at trial, that the jury was properly instructed on the law, that the prosecutor did not commit any misconduct during the trial, that the jury reached an objectively reasonable decision, and that the trial, as a cumulative whole, was a Constitutionally fair proceeding.


     James' years of experience, achievements and proven reliability on appeal make him a trusted asset to handle your case. However, the best thing someone can do when considering which attorney to handle an appeal is to personally meet with the lawyer for an in-depth consultation, or, at a minimum, speak with the lawyer on the phone or through a video conference for the consultation.


    Everything else you can do to select your attorney (researching their accomplishments, experience, references, education, etc...) cannot provide you with the personal experience of meeting with the attorney and forming an impression of whether they are the right person for you to retain, to form your legal relationship with, and to handle the case.


    Don't waste your time speaking with an assistant, call screener, paralegal or an associate; speak with the actual attorney that is personally going to handle your case.


      James would be happy to discuss all aspects of the criminal appellate proceedings with prospective clients, and he can provide clients or their families with a perspective guided by his years of experience so that they can have a clear understanding about what to expect in the appellate process.


     James always wants to meet or speak with clients or their families personally to discuss the case, so please call (702-258-2022) or email ( him to schedule a consultation.

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