Civil Litigation

     Civil cases are stressful and are often expensive disputes. I understand and appreciate the complexity and frustration involved in civil litigation, and I strive to provide my civil clients with a clear understanding of their options, an analysis of the likelihood of success in their case, and an opinion of the possible fees and time involved to litigate a civil dispute.


     Civil conflicts typically involve disputes between people or businesses that usually concern property, contracts, money or some type of damage.  A civil case begins when the "plaintiff" claims to have been harmed or damaged by the "defendant" and asks the court for relief by filing a "complaint," thus initiating a court case.  The plaintiff may ask the court to award "damages" (money to compensate the plaintiff for any harm suffered), or may ask for an "injunction" to prevent the defendant from doing something or to require the defendant to do something, or may seek a "declaratory judgment" in which the court determines the parties' rights under a contract or statute.

     To resolve a case, the court decides the laws, and the jury, or in a bench trial a judge, decides the facts of the case by applying the appropriate law to those facts.  Based on this application of the law to the facts, the court or jury will decide what legal consequences result from the parties' actions.

    Civil disputes are more frequently resolved by the parties themselves than through an actual trial.  At any time during the course of a case, the parties can agree to resolve their disputes and reach a compromise to avoid the expense of trial or the risk of losing at trial. Settlement usually involves the payment of money and can even be structured to result in an enforceable judgment.

     I'm committed to representing my clients to the best of my ability whether the case ultimately results in a trial or a settlement. I strive to represent each client with honor, integrity, and passion.  I am fair, honest and hard working for my clients, and I represent them aggressively when necessary, strategically throughout litigation, and professionally at all times.  


     Should you select me to represent you, we will develop a legal relationship built on trust and my commitment to providing you with the best legal representation that I can provide. 

Civil Fields of Practice


     James handles a variety of types of civil disputes, and he will gladly discuss representing you in whatever type of case you may have. James' civil practice has most frequently involved:

  •  Personal injury law,
  •  Contract law,
  •  Constitutional law, 
  •  Real estate law,
  •  Commercial litigation,
  •  Employment law, and 
  •  Licensing.

James J. Ruggeroli, located in Las VegasNV is at your service for cases throughout Nevada. James offers reliable advice and professional representation in legal matters in a variety of fields of practice. Please review our separate sections above to learn more about James and his practice.


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