Understanding how much your lawyer's fees will be is a fundamental aspect of selecting an attorney.


     Although many prospective clients call multiple lawyers looking to receive a fee-quote over the phone, those individuals are often caught off guard when they are later told that there were additional or other fees that they did not understand or did not anticipate.


     Depending on the type of case you have, fees for legal services range from flat fee retainers, to hourly fees, to contingent fees. James strives to provide prospective clients with a precise quote for his legal fees, and patiently wants to ensure that he has thoroughly answered all of his clients' questions about costs and fees.


     Because fees depending on several variables, James encourages an opportunity to have an office or phone consultation in order to accurately assess what type of case will be handled, how many witnesses and issues may be involved, how much time may be required in handling a case, and whether the case may need to go all the way through a trial.


     Generally, legal fees correspond as follows:


     Criminal Fees: in a criminal case, fees are almost always flat, meaning a set amount (not hourly). The fees for a felony normally are broken down between the justice court stage and the district court stage. This is because many cases are resolved in justice court and do not proceed to the district court, and many cases do not require a trial. Therefore, James does not quote or charge a trial fee for cases that are still in justice court. In order to provide you with an accurate quote for a case, James will need to personally speak with you so that he can discuss the specifics of your case and answer all of your questions.  


Civil Fees:  in civil cases, personal injury cases involve contingency fees, meaning that James receives his fee from the recovery. In other civil matters, James usually charges an hourly rate for his services, however, some civil matters involve limited tasks, in which case, James is always open to a flat fee, which usually benefits the client by saving money.


James accepts all major credit cards; checks, cashiers checks/money orders, cash, and James is open to considering payment plans in certain situations upon aproval.


James J. Ruggeroli, located in Las VegasNV is at your service for cases throughout Nevada. James offers reliable advice and professional representation in legal matters in a variety of fields of practice. Please review our separate sections above to learn more about James and his practice.


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