When selecting an attorney, you need to find a lawyer that understands your legal issues and one that you trust. You will find James to be a diligent listener, an effective strategist, and an honest counselor. Through years of practice and representation of thousands of clients, James has learned the importance of giving his full attention to the needs, concerns and questions of his clients.


     James enjoys consultations with each client and prospective client to discuss in detail the specifics of that client's legal issue. After meeting with the client and reviewing the case details, James forms a strategy for the case that he then thoroughly explains to the client. During this communication and consultation process, James has demonstrated over the years that his advice is sound, reliable and effective.


     One extremely important quality about James' counsel is that he does not make promises that he cannot keep. He will not tell clients things just because they want to hear them. Although some prospective clients eventually chose a lawyer that will simply give them the "good news," James will not give you any empty guarantees. By being honest with clients up front, James has established himself as a reliable and trustworthy attorney whose clients know that they can take him at his word and depend on his representation.


James J. Ruggeroli, located in Las VegasNV is at your service for cases throughout Nevada. James offers reliable advice and professional representation in legal matters in a variety of fields of practice. Please review our separate sections above to learn more about James and his practice.


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