Choosing the right attorney to handle your case can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If you, a loved one, or a friend is facing criminal prosecution, that person's freedom and liberty could very much be on the line. If facing a civil lawsuit, the importance of pain and suffering, valuable compensation or damages, and quality of life issues may hang in the balance because of your case.


Accomplished; Experienced; Reliable


      When considering which attorney to select, one must consider essential qualities in potential lawyers. In the law there really is no substitute for (1) a history of accomplishments, (2) experience, and (3) reliability. James J. Ruggeroli has a track record of representing thousands of clients with the utmost diligence. He has been practicing law for over 15 years, and during that time, James has been involved in over thirty jury trials, handled multiple appeals, and he has had several accomplishments during his time in practice.


     Although every case is different, James can humbly, but honestly, boast of multiple victories in his cases, including several full acquittals, civil verdicts in favor of his clients, and victories on appeal, including a published Nevada Supreme Court opinion for reversing a murder conviction, which now serves as a precedent setting case in Nevada.


     James believes it is essential to personally discuss the aspects of each case in detail with the client and/or their family. He strongly recommends an initial consultation to personally meet with prospective clients.


     Before selecting the attorney you will use to handle your case, you may want to consider a few of the following frequently asked questions and James' answers.

Important Questions and Answers

Important Questions and Answers for Selecting Your Attorney


1. The Most Important Factor: What is the most important thing a person can do when selecting their attorney?


     In my opinion, the single most important thing a person can do when selecting an attorney is to personally meet with the lawyer for an in-depth consultation, or, at a minimum, speak with the lawyer on the phone or through a video conference for the consultation.


     Everything else you can do to select your attorney (researching their accomplishments, experience, references, education, etc...) cannot provide you with the personal experience of meeting with the attorney and forming an impression of whether they are the right person for you to retain, to form your legal relationship with, and to handle your case.


    Don't waste your time speaking with an assistant, call screener, paralegal or an associate; speak with the actual attorney that is personally going to handle your case.


    I speak to prospective clients personally and welcome the opportunity to meet with or video/phone conference with clients and prospective clients to discuss their case in detail. Call (702-258-2022) or email ( to schedule a personal consultation with me today.


2.  Experience:  How much experience does the attorney have in handling similar cases?


     Over the last 15 years of practice, I have handled thousands of cases in a variety of fields. Although every case is unique in its own way, it can be very important to have experience in handling a case similar to yours. 



      As a criminal defense attorney, I have handled cases ranging from murder to misdemeanors. In civil litigation, I have handled a wide range of cases including personal injury, contract disputes, real estate, licensing, wage disputes, small claims and more. 


      Please see the tabs above, including the experience and achievements sections, to learn a little bit more about the types of cases and experience I have. I also encourage you to meet with me or to have a phone consultation to see if I've specifically handled a case like the one you may be facing.

3.  Trial Experience/Achievements: Does the attorney have trial experience, and is this imporant?


     Let me begin by saying that it is extremely important to know if an attorney has trial experience, and I am very proud of the number of trials I've been involved in. 


     If you are involved in litigating any case, it is essential to know (1) if your lawyer has been all the way through a trial, (2) how many trials your attorney has handled, and (3) what has been the outcome of those trials.


     It is also important to know:

      - how many trials were jury trials versus bench trial;

      - how many trials were felony trials (if your facing criminal charges);

      - does the attorney have appellate experience,  in case you obtain an unfavorable outcome if your case goes all the way through a trial.


     I've handled dozens of felony jury trials and have had multiple victories at the conclusion of those trials, including several full acquittals and favorable verdicts. Please see my achievement and experience tabs above for more information about my trial experience, or contact me to schedule a consultation so that I can personally answer all of your questions.


4.  Reliability: Is the lawyer's demeanor important, and should someone promise results?


     This is very important to me because I believe that genuine interest in the client and time-tested confidence in my legal ability and achievements are more important than a show of arrogance. No one should give a prospective client undue and unfair expectations about the outcome of a case in order to be retained. 


     I do not tell clients things that they simply want to hear.. Every case is different, and no one should make promises they cannot keep in order to get your business. Unless I can fully review your casefile and discuss the facts of your case in an in-depth way, I will not give you a specific opinion about the final outcome of your case. After meeting with you and learning the particular details of your case, I will be able to discuss a range of possibilities with you, and I can provide you with a perspective guided by my years of experience so that you can have an idea about what you may expect in your case. Again, I always want to meet with clients personally to discuss their case, so please call (702-258-2022) or email ( to schedule a consultation with me.

5.  Reliability: Does the attorney have listening skills, or do they just want to do all the talking?


     Although I truly believe that it's important for my clients to know about my achievements and experience, when I meet with clients or prospective clients, I consider the input from the client to be crucial. I am very inquisitive about my clients, their specific legal problems, and their concerns about their circumstances. I do my best to pay particular attention to my clients, and I often listen to my clients more than I speak during some consultations or meetings.

6. Legal Fees: What will the fees be for your case or for the lawyer's services?


     Understanding how much your lawyer's fees will be is another important reason that I believe personal consultations with are critical to selecting an attorney.


     Although many prospective clients call multiple lawyers looking to receive a fee-quote over the phone, those individuals are often caught off guard when they are later told that there were additional or other fees that they did not understand or did not anticipate.


     Depending on the type of case you have, fees for legal services range from flat fee retainers, to hourly fees, to contingent fees.


     Fees can also depend on the stage of someone's case. For instance, in criminal matters, it is not uncommon for lawyers to quote a fee for the "preliminary hearing" stage for felonies, but not for a full trial. In contrast, for misdemeanors, there is often a flat fee for the entire case, including the trial. However, it is important to understand whether the fee you've been quoted includes a full trial.


     I try to give prospective clients as precise of a quote for my fees as possible, and I want to make sure that I thoroughly answer all of my clients' questions about costs and fees.


     Please see my other tab for fees and payments for more information about fees. 

I sincerely enjoy meeting with people to let them know about me and my practice and to hear from them to learn about their legal issues and to make myself available to do my best to answer any questions they may have.


James J. Ruggeroli, located in Las VegasNV is at your service for cases throughout Nevada. James offers reliable advice and professional representation in legal matters in a variety of fields of practice. Please review our separate sections above to learn more about James and his practice.


Please call (702-258-2022) or email ( to schedule a personal consultation today.

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